The Walking Dead - Season 6 Returns "A New World"

Season 6 returns with Alexandria's sense of safety shattered by multiple threats. To make it, the people of Alexandria will need to catch up with our survivors’ hardness while many of our survivors will need to take a step back from the violence and pragmatism they've needed to embrace. Our group is now fighting for something more than survival... They're fighting for their home, and they will defend that at any cost, against any threat. Even if that threat comes from within.

The Walking DeadSeason 6 returns to FX
Monday February 15
Same day as the U.S.
Express Play 1.30pm aedt
Primetime Play 8.30pm aedt
First on Foxtel

Talking Dead returns to Monday nights directly following The Walking Dead at 8.30pm/aedt each week.

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