Chris Holdsworth


Chris Holdsworth

NICKNAME: Holds It Down


AGE: 25

WEIGHT: 135 lbs

HEIGHT: 5'11"

FIGHTING OUT OF: Sacramento, California

HOMETOWN: Van Nuys, California

TEAM/CAMP: Team Alpha Male

With a father who was a martial artist and Vietnam vet, a mother who is breast cancer survivor and a grandfather who was a Golden Gloves boxer, its no surprise that fighting is in his “Holds”. When he was eight years old, his elder brother was shot and killed. At his brother’s funeral, his sensi posthumously awarded him his black belt in American kickboxing. Holdsworth, aged 8, told his mother he wanted to be a martial artist just like his brother so he excelled in several martial arts, especially BJJ. He was awarded his blue belt from the legendary Royce Gracie, his purple belt by Rener, Ryron and Rorion Gracie, and was awarded his brown and black belt by Marc Laimon. At aged 21 he was one of the youngest BJJ black belts in the US. Dedicated to MMA, Holdsworth says he barely has time for family and friends but a UFC contract will make his years of sacrifice worth it.



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