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Mad Dogs Season 3 The holiday from hell spirals even further out of control as the lads find themselves imprisoned in a secret camp in Morocco. Will they ever make it back to Britain?
It begins Monday July 15 @ 7....
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About this show

In Series 1, Woody, Quinn, Baxter and Rick planned to spend a long weekend with their mate Alvo in his luxury villa in Majorca. But things didn’t go as they intended. Before the weekend was out, Alvo was murdered by a very small man wearing a Tony Blair mask and it was clear the four of them were in serious trouble…

Series 2 saw the boys fleeing the villa and embark on a haphazard journey that took them to Ibiza, where they found themselves under the control of an unhinged criminal known as Mackenzie. They couldn’t believe their luck when Mackenzie finally allowed them to leave, together with 5 million euros.

But when the doors open on the sea container the lads decided to hide in, believing they were on their way to Barcelona, they were shocked to discover they were actually in Morocco...

It begins Monday July 15 @ 7.30pm

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